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Our Goal Is To Enable You To 3D Print Objects That You’ve Never Been Able To Print Before.

We want to enable you to 3D print things you have never been able to print before, right in your own home and work place, so imagination can soar and you can create. Our goal to to enable you to print large, complex objects in multiple materials with precision and enough speed to be practical.

We knew that first we would need to create a machine that could handle almost anything, and that's what we did with the 3DMonstr family of 3D printers. With 3DMonstr, you get a large, high-quality, prosumer, industrial-grade, quad-extruder, 3D printer that is powerful and precise.

Large Build Volume With Four QuickMount Extruders:

We also built a machine that can handle four, independent, quick mount filament extruders, without compromising the build volume. You can now use multiple colors and support material to build objects that were not possible with fewer extruders.

Once we had those two ingredients in place -- a large, powerful machine plus four, QuickMount extruders -- we knew that we had an infrastructure that would enable us to create like never before.


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