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We are three guys, Shlomo, Dana & Assaf who have shared experience of more than 13 years using 3D Printers in different 3D printing technologies.

We are true believers in the life-changing technology of 3D printing and are very passionate and enthusiastic about 3D printers and the opportunities which arise out of this technology.

Now that the 3d Printing revolution arrived to the consumer’s world with a lot of different 3d desktop printers, we decided to leverage this experience that we have and help this revolution arrives also to our own country, Israel. We want to provide our fellow enthusiasts in the 3D printing community with the best 3d Printers and materials (filaments and resins) available for a reasonable price. We want 3D printing to be affordable and available for everyone. As our name implies, we want to become the center for 3D printing here in Israel and present the best and latest 3d printers and materials available to our customers in order to enable them to build and bring life into their designs via their 3D printers.

The 3D printing technique, which only used to be available in certain industrial sectors, has now found its way to consumers via desktop 3D printing. Desktop 3D printing enables people to create almost anything one can imagine. The result of one's creation is heavily dependable of the material one uses. That's why we only offer the quality filaments that we have tested extensively and we are using ourselves for our own printings in order for our customers to have the best 3D printing results for their creations.

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Model Description Price
96571f75594497cb9dd24273a0d62ad8c375e5f5 thumb Creatbot DH02
by 3D Printing Center Israel
Creatbot printing a torso in PLA $1,000 - $5,000

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Our 3d printers collection has grew and include now also the CreatBot DH02