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CAMaster offers unparalleled value in automated manufacturing solutions. CAMaster manufactures CNC routers and plasma cutters to exacting standards and offers these to our customers at competitive prices. The solutions we provide come complete with our complementary Virtual Technician Live Help system and the industry’s best two year product warranty.

CAMaster is a company based in Cartersville, Georgia USA, just an hour north of Atlanta that specializes in industry-specific CNC production solutions. At the core of our business is a set of values based solidly on the importance of the relationship between the provider of goods (CAMaster) and YOU, our customers. It is our solid determination to use our resources to promote knowledge of the skills required in order for our customers to simplify and amplify production of goods within the scope of the customer’s application and needs.


Model Description Price
8c9f0bd159aa70208ce2ae970458084b5a38ddb3 thumb Stinger 1
by CAMaster Inc
The Stinger I CNC Router is the most robust bench top on the market. Built with the same principa... $5,000 - $10,000
84d03784d5ff5e50e4875253a18d60b8e11e5744 thumb CAMASTER CR 408 CNC router
by CAMaster Inc
CAMaster has designed the Cobra Series to stand out against the competition. The difference can b... $10,000 - $20,000

Latest News

CAMaster is proud to announce that we are offering a two day training sessions at our facility in Cartersville, GA. The training will be a mix of classroom time and “at the machine” demonstrations.

Class Topics:

CAMaster Operation & WinCNC Startup:
Covers the operation of your CAMaster machine, including initial startup of a new machine and includes many of the most often used commands required for daily operation.

CAMaster Maintenance, Adjusting & Calibrating:
Covers routine, and possibly not so routine maintenance operations and adjustments, schedules for those items and some checks to make sure your machine is calibrated and cutting at its best.

Multi Tool Operation with FTC, ATC or X-3:
This class covers the fine points of multi tool use on a CAMaster and the WinCNC macros that operate behind the scenes to allow these actions to take place.

Advanced Toolpath Testing: (How to Get the Right Tool and Speeds for the Job)
This class explains the difference between the different types and styles of bit geometries and how to get these different bits cutting properly for your material and machine.

Hold Down (Vacuum and Fixtures) & Strategies:
Includes use of vacuum, spoilboards, masks and jigs for parts location with vacuum. Also the same as it applies to T slots, sacrificial holding fixtures and special purpose, high vacuum fixtures.

Import, Design and Cut with Vectric Products:
On Saturday we have arranged to have Michael Tyler provide instruction on Vectric products. Time will be spent on Cut2D, Cut3D and VCarve Pro. 2 and 2.5D designing and tool path creation. Michael is an extremely accomplished Vectric user and those that attend his classes are often amazed at the wealth of knowledge that he provides. This class will have tips and techniques that will be invaluable to beginners and accomplished users alike.

$300 for the two day session. Lunch will be provided. Seats are limited to ensure small class size.

For more information and pre-registration information, please email: or click on this link: