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Kai is a true maker, mixing filaments in his garage and testing them in his kitchen.
After that, Kai heads to a local university with his hot melt and render his kilogram spools in their plastics lab.

Now that his filaments have proven successful in the marketplace and on the print bed, Kai has gone into full production. He works with a local welding rod company near his hometown of Cologne, where owner Andre Sperlich gives him plenty of time to produce his filaments using Andre’s extruders. “But, about having $1 million of my sleeve I cannot enlarge the company threefold. Therefore, we always reach our limits.” Kai says that he only became a manufacturer due to inevitability. He’d much rather spend time inventing and let the filaments be produced under a license.

Porolay Filament 3D Printing Kai ParthyUntil he can find somebody to license those filaments, he’s going to keep on working. In the near future you may see a ceramic filament developed by Kai. And we’ve already seen his Poro-lay series of filaments, which he’ll be patenting, to prevent others from copying. In the not so distant future, you might be able to see printable thermosets. Unlike thermoplastic polymers, which melt with heat, thermosets cannot re-soften after becoming hard. He also dreams of clear aluminum, Aluminium oxynitride, but knows that that’s probably too fantastic for 3D printing through an extruder.


Model Description Price
001703624d4a436b006a16e87157f0ba0adf0d02 thumb LAYBRICK
by CC Products
Specifications: near zero warp ideal for jumbo-printers the objects are ink-able, grind-able... $1 - $100
0513a223768adbf0eb4f0285deba3b907a6e2200 thumb Laywoo-D3 Filament
by CC Products
LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the Rep... $1 - $100