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Netfabb provides innovative software solutions that reduce production costs and increases efficiency in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb software bridges the gap between content and machines and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Model Description Price
8d04d74b2f03cba59a6b161ed5d3cdfa0feb8d42 thumb netfabb Basic
by Netfabb
netfabb Basic is a freeware for handling of files on stl-format. The freeware includes Advanced M... $0 (Free)
16376b04882cdf07fbd131ab31794bf2c49ac417 thumb Selective Space Structures Software
by Netfabb
The netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software turn Solids to Structures in Seconds and ca... $1 - $1,000

Latest News

ยป Stop wasting time fixing your STL files by hand!
Dear Customer

We have upgraded netfabb to version 5.1 and many of the new features are now also available for
our netfabb Private users. netfabb Private is the world's first professional and affordable 3D printing
software for non-commercial use.

Why netfabb?

When it comes to 3D printing at home, the issue of avoiding costs and failed builds and the issue of saving
resources, time and nerves become even more important. Investing personal money and effort into a
3D printing project is always an emotional enterprise. So why netfabb?

Fastest, easiest and most affordable professional 3D part repair tool worldwide
The most stable and reliable 3D mesh boolean on the market: merge parts together or substract t
hem from each other
Edit your parts within minutes, where you would spend hours with other tools

Part editing and design like a professional

Hollow out solid parts into a shell
Smooth the surfaces and reduce triangles to reduce the file size
Create 3D parts from 2D pictures
Cut your parts (plane cut or 3D polygon cut)
Make design changes and add from a variety of included customizable geometric shapes and 3D text.