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A 3D printer in every home.

Printrbot was founded in 2011 to provide affordable 3D printers to makers, DIYers, and educators throughout the world. Through its expertise in rapid product development, the Company has continued to iterate its products to provide increasing value and functionality to its customers. The award-winning Printrbot Simple was named “Best Value” by MAKE magazine in its Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014.

With the recent launch of the all metal Simple, the company is furthering its reach into the broader entry-level 3DP consumer segment by providing a quality and ease of use experience comparable with other 3D printers costing hundreds of dollars more. The company is located in Lincoln, CA.

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Model Description Price
49a82d583857f7c273caef187721cb5b60118986 thumb New Simple Maker’s Kit
by Printrbot
The newest Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit – redesigned and thoroughly rebuilt to provide even bette... $1 - $1,000
252430d3bd5bc7571467c8151cb06daa01e4e0a1 thumb Play
by Printrbot
Printrbot is excited to announce the Play, for a limited time in red! Rounding out the Printrb... $1 - $1,000
87a23b582818cfe48eb0e4163c09bdb7d4e433b0 thumb Metal Simple 3D Printer Kit
by Printrbot
Printrbot’s first all-metal 3D Printer with auto leveling bed. The all metal construction combin... $1 - $1,000
5cbfb4f273183adb27ba33fe2f7bd2bfa40b82bb thumb Assembled Metal Simple 3D Printer
by Printrbot
Printrbot’s first all-metal 3D Printer with auto leveling bed. The all metal construction combin... $1 - $1,000
B8a1dfa5f65eae54b354098cb0ce074749508429 thumb Assembled Printrbot Plus
by Printrbot
The Assembled Printrbot now brings key upgrades to the existing Plus v2.1. The upgrades bring a ... $1,000 - $5,000

Latest News

Printrbot Founder and CEO Brook Drumm revealed a beta of the upcoming Printrbot CNC router at MakerCon today. While it’s targeted as a tool for beginner CNC’ers, the machine is quite capable for maker-pros alike. It can cut wood, plastic, and aluminum at “respectable speeds,” according to Brook.
“We’re making a tool that I’ve wanted for a long time,” said Brook. He also emphasized that ease-of-use and low-cost are high priorities for the product.

Inside the machine, a wi-fi enabled Raspberry Pi runs the web-based control software so that you can connect to it wirelessly, giving new meaning to the term “wireless router.” A TinyG motor control board communicates to the NEMA 23 stepper motors which move the Makita router across the bed.

The router is expected to be available in the fall. The price is yet to be announced.