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ShopBot is the leading innovator in affordable digital fabrication.
We Make the Tools that are Making the Future.


Model Description Price
4b77bb273a2f94efbeb934a8bf225fb772e9af6b thumb ShopBot Desktop
by ShopBot
Built to perform like a big tool, built to be flexible, and built to last. Our affordable, sma... $1,000 - $5,000
39ee8e4be439737a33a5d39534472ff2dde25686 thumb PRS 9648 Standard CNC Router
by ShopBot
ShopBot's PRSstandard CNCs are our high-performing yet affordable, gantry-based CNC router, price... $10,000 - $20,000
Bab8f48f6703d20eec1436c906e482dc00c8bf48 thumb Full Size PRSalpha CNC
by ShopBot
If you’re looking for a CNC solution for production that delivers high performance, high volume, ... $10,000 - $20,000

Latest News

The nation’s educational system has let our students fall behind. ShopBot is committed to being part of the solution.

The U.S. now ranks 60th in the world in producing scientist and engineers; it has fallen 22% in just the last decade. Our high school students rank 23rd in science and 30th in math. To continue to thrive in a modern world and to prepare our children for lives, jobs, and a culture which increasingly depend on an understanding of science and math, we need to be making a stronger investment in education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

We’re committed to the serving the needs of vocational and STEM education programs. To that end, ShopBot Tools have become integral to curricula in high schools all across the country. Major school systems such a Clark County, NV (20 ShopBots), and Salt Lake City, UT (12 ShopBots) have been using ShopBots to train their students for years, and they have found that their graduates are able to find employment within a variety of industries. As budgets get tighter and communities are asking for more accountability from their schools, the concept of providing skills which are not only current, but ahead of the market place, makes more and more sense.

Our involvement means more than making our tools available for purchase -- although the affordability of our tools continues to make ShopBot a preferred choice in school systems. We are also building a comprehensive suite of free resources and services for educators and their students.