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“I would like to invite you to visit our facility for a demonstration to see the true quality we put into each and every machine we manufacture.
Please call or email us anytime so we can help you and your business get to the next level.“
Thank you for your interest in ShopSabre CNC,
Jim Bombardo

Years ago Jim (founder of ShopSabre) had an idea to build a CNC machine to do crafts for his wife’s business. Jim knew if he did not have a machine capable of producing parts, he would have many long hours of back breaking work to do by hand. With a background in engineering and software, he started the project of building his own CNC machine. ShopSabre facility

After the initial days and weeks of research, Jim new that he had to have a system that was an industrial design which would equal less headaches and years of problem free service. The first machine was a full ball screw driven machine with industrial components throughout. Now he could produce parts for hours with ease and great precision.

After running the machine for some time, friends and acquaintances saw the machine and were amazed by the fully welded construction, power, precision and overall quality that was built. After getting offers to sell it and hours of convincing, Jim sold the machine and decided he would build another for himself. After building his second machine much quicker with the previous knowledge and making some minor changes, Jim was once again convinced to sell this machine. Now it was time to build the third machine.

During the construction of the next machine, Jim had done research in the CNC market and was amazed that no one offered an industrial machine quality machine under $60,000. The only machines on the market were small bolt together machines and the components being used were simply a hobbyist style. After seeing everything and doing the research, Jim decided to go to the Woodworkers show in Atlanta.

Jim, with support of family and friends, took the machine to Atlanta. During the show he received a lot of attention and accolades for the machine design. When the show was finished they had over a dozen request for orders. Every client was willing to wait for the machine as they understood the quality and components put into each machine.

After getting back home, a facility was constructed for the manufacturing of the CNC machines. Thus ShopSabre was born. Jim had started with himself, two brothers, four sons, two cousins and his wife.

From the ground up, ShopSabre is a self funded company and the machines are constructed from the ground up with every component being closely monitored to ensure every machine works flawlessly. With this as the philosophy of ShopSabre: customer service is everything. The machines are tested for hours before they leave to ensure power, precision, quality and reliability will remain with every machine.

Currently with over 4700 machines around the world in over 29 + countries, ShopSabre CNC has experienced enormous growth in the past several years. With the machine receiving recognition from some of the largest manufacturers of cabinets, vehicles, aerospace, signs, and many other industries. Many top business owners and engineers are seeing that you do not have to spend $100k or more on a machine that can produce precision parts three shifts a day every day of the week.

ShopSabre CNC is continuing to be on the cutting edge of CNC technology with the release in August ’12 of the one of the most advanced and powerful machines for under $100,000. With the ability to monitor ever part of the build cycle and every industrial component that is put on the machine, ShopSabre CNC still ensures every machine is built to perfection before it leaves regardless if it is a CNC router, CNC laser engraver, CNC plasma system, CNC tangential knife or other.

Jim is still personally involved in nearly every machine. With new products in the works and the growth continuing at an astonishing rate, ShopSabre will remain to be a leader in affordable CNC machines.


Model Description Price
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by ShopSabre
The SideKick Plasma model is designed as Entry Level Plasma system with options for light router ... $5,000 - $10,000