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FATHOM Oakland, CA
Okay… FATHOM is driven by advanced technologies. We leverage our expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to help customers innovate faster and more efficiently. Our portfolio includes professional 3D printers and manufacturing systems, prototyping and advanced manufacturing services, with design and engineering resources in support of these. FATHOM advanced prototyping services feature RTV / silicone molding / cast urethane, low volume CNC machining, injection molding, and more. We strive to be your preferred partner by providing best-in-class equipment, services, and support.

Check out our daily activities online at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We also regularly post to our YouTube channel.

FATHOM Seattle, WA
The FATHOM team is proud to announce our office expansion into 620 3rd Street, just around the corner from 315 Jefferson Street where you’ll will find our production center that features our expansive collection of PolyJet Technology-based 3D printers, FDM Technology-based 3D printing production systems, SLS machine, laser cutter, vinyl equipment, complete model shop, photo booth, and more. Stop by our rapid prototyping studio in Oakland today.

Also, we expanded the Seattle office! Now located at 4302 Stone Way North, the office and production center includes cutting edge equipment to support Seattle’s growing need for 3D printing services, machine sales, and advanced prototyping applications. Get to know FATHOM’s general manager in Seattle, Dylan Oliver, in this recent blog interview.


Model Description Price
4010b1715f2a736481f7dea6f392ce746c50d0ff thumb Pyra
by Studio Fathom
INTRODUCING THE FIRST 3D PRINTED SMART OVEN — Project Pyra Demonstrates the Design Freedom of 3D... $1 - $1,000