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voxeljet believes that new technologies and materials are transforming how products are developed and manufactured. voxeljet’s technology and products stand at the leading edge of the transition towards the industrialization of additive manufacturing. Its core knowledge will enable it to continue to play a significant role in the development of the market for direct digital manufacture.

voxeljet will continue to develop its platforms to meet the needs of a range of manufacturing segments. The large size and high volumetric throughput of its products will continue to offer present and future customers the utmost flexibility in building either small numbers of large parts, or large numbers of smaller parts, or any combination in-between, irrespective of part complexity and batch size. voxeljet is committed to serving the market both as a provider of systems, and as a manufacturer of on-demand parts for its customers.

voxeljet’s established and tested hardware platforms are adaptable to produce products in an expanding selection of materials. The company will continually add new materials for production on its platforms as required by its customers, and will expand its solutions into new applications and new markets.

Developments in this technology are now in full swing and will revolutionize production over the long term. voxeljet’s innovative technology and management, along with its committed team, are well placed and equipped to serve the digital manufacturing needs of its customers around the world.


Model Description Price
7d5b360d6762cff332b4c1e3de30c8cdde50f593 thumb VX200
by Voxeljet
The VX200 is the smallest 3D printer in the voxeljet portfolio. The machine is very compact, easy... $100,000+