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Zen Toolworks CNC kit provides a affordable and accurate platform for hobbyist to experiment with CNC milling, carving, engraving and 3D printing.

Making affordable CNC kit for home shop users and educating new customers to obtain basic CNC principles and techniques, milling, engraving and 3D printing.


Model Description Price
437fee9bb442b5b3d9db2e95b329fc179b73928a thumb ABS filament
by Zen Toolworks
ABS 1.75 mm 3D printer filament About 2.2 lb, (1 kg) Vacuum packing to insure the quality for a... $1 - $100
Bd77493c4922b1cc93da6f61913579d0d70316a5 thumb PLA filament
by Zen Toolworks
Zen Toolworks now carries ABS and PLA filaments that can be used on popular 3D printers on the ma... $1 - $100
477ffa6f3846cdcdf9e293601e56c28a35105479 thumb Wood filament
by Zen Toolworks
3D Printer 1.75mm Wood Filament About 2.2 lb, (1 kg) Can be used with 3D printer nozzles that c... $1 - $100