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Name Description
22999ce7d3355df15119eff59b97358d7c248b81 thumb Fab@Home Fab@Home will change the way we live.
474a7c9198b10836ac633b1693c7a29b813e68c1 thumb Fenner Drives The proven leader in the design and manufacture of problem- solving power transmission and motion transfer component.
C587fb5eeb38945efb6014fab6101684beabee1e thumb Flashforge Technology Located in Jinhua, Zhengjiang.
49a6962211c148fd072c9f9dbc15371d96dfd567 thumb Flow International Inc. We’re the pacesetter in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology, and a leading p
C548e1661ff7e8d1681d6a4886611ad7168eb79f thumb Formlabs Form 1+ SLA High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer
1359718eb1853cc69bcf25e6c4eac01f9b7cb406 thumb Fouche 3D Printing Fouche 3D Printing: Taking builder dreams into reality
88b696ebecc22c481c2ae00d2fb7a020ca5f9fab thumb Fuel 3D We have developed the Fuel3D handheld scanner, a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system.
C2e32a88ada13df9defabe5c1490681bf08ecc37 thumb Full Spectrum Laser Full Spectrum Laser's goal is to give you the best machine that will do the job at the best possible price and support.
1183dcf765f61f1a6ac0344acb03d0cc541dcf4d thumb Geomagic 3D printing centric design-to-manufacturing solutions
1853c666d06bb60ad4e4b9b818ec92c0a7932f09 thumb Graphtec Graphtec is committed to further enhancing its competitive strengths, product features, and performance
601686c4b671942fd368e71b5fef52642bb78b76 thumb Haas Automation Inc. Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the western world.
0d94a5d0a2394e59411cd25b7ca4c91bceb5809f thumb HyVISION System Korean 3D Printer Company
C1bfddeb215025ea2318831d39b6be5387ddcee6 thumb Hyrel 3D Nothing prints in more materials than a Hyrel.
E2e90411cedaea963adee477f34812efcd03dd3b thumb Identify 3D Digital manufacturing data security.
7167a77715b83ca67dae1090b860f1c6e5e153b0 thumb InsiteVR The easiest way to experience 3D models in virtual reality
1ebe403da34ea9c6aa5c98a2bdb0c4e00ad20c86 thumb IonCore, ltd Incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to use.
80e73c3fccdadd0afd64caf60aaa2ad4e642a34b thumb Just PLA Supplier of plastic Rods for 3D Printers
85c47350c9d0211782cfd52d1cb3eb7591f50fca thumb KMT KMT Waterjet is a world class manufacturing facility with ISO 9001:2000 Certification
9e213b5fd0c950cc349eec03e02a1526b88ea689 thumb Kern Laser Systems Kern Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of large format laser cutting and engraving equipment.
Be8d09424aab0907cd8c64cdd0f20ba1db6bfb1c thumb Klic-N-Kut Your #1 source for 3D computerized cutting systems and supplies