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Name Description
804a73a0e29bb2b63630401fac7121e8ad03eac8 thumb Konica Minolta Manufactures business and industrial imaging products, including copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals.
911ab6ef96bff6336a8ab561b3b255fed09f846e thumb Kuka Robotics Corp. KUKA Robotics is the North American headquarters of KUKA Roboter GmbH, one of the world´s largest robot manufacturers.
6da66414836517ab13c9ce2baa56e8942e93e51d thumb LaserCAMM LaserCAMM™ is a turn-key laser cutter that integrates fully with many CAD systems.
4d781a416b824fd24b235bb4395c361d4357e82e thumb Layer Grown Model An Independent Service Provider for the Rapid Prototyping Industry
3e38f412a0b03821a1534fdb5242446d1a353a8b thumb Leap Motion Working to extend 3D interaction into many other digital devices, and embed our technology in products
44e463a7e7454574f1731b37598226052f5414c4 thumb Leapfrog 3D Leapfrog aims to bridge the gap between the current state of technology of 3D printers and the future of 3D printing.
A7529397010db51a4189e2dbd80d68d7d776f6fb thumb Leonar3Do 3D Interaction/Demonstration - Easy modeling and personalization for 3D printing
A6775495caf38c5efc527abb1d00483fb0d2b3d6 thumb Lulzbot LulzBot is an Aleph Objects, Inc. brand selling materials, hardware, electronics, and tools for RepRap 3D printers.
50fa297507b36cbbe72f08f99daf14b69192917f thumb MXd3D 3D-Design Tools For The Masses
83fb3772bb5ca28a5b7cd4dfa06e0ac4ff311f6c thumb MadeSolid Founded in 2013 in Oakland, California, MadeSolid develops Advanced Materials for 3D Printers. We research, create, and
7944d7880a222ce915b8108d7c63d31c813fd2fe thumb MakerGear Designing, engineering and manufacturing desktop 3D printers and accessories.
17b2265d3575ae28af4c6a681a6563adf8ee3c29 thumb Makerbot Setting the standard in desktop 3D printing, Desktop 3D Scanning and 3D Entertainment
768c248a69438aa3a2fbf49dce0c741b43ae4248 thumb MarkForged The worlds first 3D printer that can print carbon fiber
Da00807312d412e3220d936da1ec35db82e45e71 thumb Materialise We are the innovators that you can count on
2077554e0c72ba197a594080bb173429b3248fd8 thumb Matter & Form The world's first truly affordable 3D scanner for home use.
3994722001609cd5a5903f5df314a5709e2bec97 thumb Mcor Technologies Mcor Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full-colour and eco-friendly 3D printers
8e12733217532fc5eaef7af2fdfe798c1622cd88 thumb Micro 3D Small footprint 3D Printer
C01f16267697dfe4274ccc9d984d857eed6a8609 thumb Microsoft Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses
F72e444130666104b6d33a8598cdf64318869d25 thumb Mimaki Mimaki USA, Inc. is a recognized leader in the wide-format digital printing industry.
F28d6db0db11d0420fbf0e582291aea315cf8f65 thumb Morgan Industries, Inc. specialized in the design and manufacture of efficient, low-volume injection molding equipment.