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15-year-old creates 3D printed iPhone case that doubles as stethoscope
Posted by 3DP4E

By Bharat | Damn Geeky

In the age when other teenagers are busy with their homework or catching up with friends on Facebook, 15-year-old Suman Mulumudi has created a 3D printed iPhone case which turn the smartphone into a stethoscope. Dubbed as Steth IO, the stethoscope in a smartphone provides audio and visual data about heart sounds, which possibly results in better diagnosis. To use, slot the iPhone into the case, then using the advanced microphone of the iPhone, the case can assist in hearing, visualizing and recording the slightest sound of a heartbeat. This means, the Steth IO iPhone case transforms the smartphone into a better stethoscope than the conventional one used by doctors, all thanks to the addition of visuals and finer audio data of even the quietest heartbeats.

In addition to the Steth IO, Suman has also invented LesionSizer, the two devices which vision to improve patient’s diagnosis and reduce the cost of healthcare. LesionSizer is a device which can measure length of lesions. Suman has made it using a 3D printer and a microprocessor from old optical computer mouse. Suman’s creations have earned him the post of CEO in his own startup company, StratoScientific. Both the Steth IO and LesionSizer are currently prototypes and are patent pending, Suman is currently seeking for FDA approval and venture capital (VC) funding.


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