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3D Hubs offers $25,000 free print credit to get students into 3D printing
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By Staff | 3Ders

In its ongoing efforts to make 3D printing accessible to the masses, 3D printing community 3D Hubs has announced today that it offers $25 of free 3D print credit to students. On top of that, 3D Hubs is dropping its service fee for students as well.

The first 1000 students to sign-up on 3D Hubs will receive $25 worth of 3D print credit. Referring the program to 3 other potential participants will earn sharers an extra $10. Once the initial offer runs out students still receive a 15% discount on all their 3D prints.

Whereas university labs tends to get clogged in exams periods when large groups of students need to get their 3D prints done at the same time, 3D Hubs offers an average 2 days delivery time. The local approach of 3D Hubs provides students with the opportunity to get in touch with 3D print experts in their area.

"We see numerous cases where our Hubs go to great lengths to help customers get their model ready for printing," says Bram de Zwart, CEO of 3D Hubs. 3D Hubs believes it can offer students in "University cities" a unique service for getting their prototyping and large scale projects done.

3D Hubs' community of 3D print experts are active in over 140 countries. Bram de Zwart:"All the economic value, as well as the knowledge of 3D print experts, everything at 3D Hubs, remains inside the local community. Growing these values locally, instead of extracting and centralizing both wealth and knowledge somewhere else, is what makes the difference in the long run. We think our vision of creating local value aligns perfectly well with those of Universities and schools."

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