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3D Printed Art: 500 3D Prints of Coco Rocha
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By Jelmer Luimstra | 3D Printing

We have been writing lots of times about 3D printed figurines: the ability to 3D scan a person and turn the scan into a 3D print. Companies such as Hema have been experimenting with the system and even thinks 3D scanning artists during concerts and selling 3D printed figurines for merchandise could one day become a facet of pop music’s future. The technique could also be used for art projects and New York-based photographer Steven Sebring knows it. For his new project Study of Pose: 1000 Poses by Coco Rocha he 3D printed 500 poses of the world’s queen of poses: Coco Rocha. The model performed 1,000 poses and he captured as many as 100,000 unique images.

In the end, he had a set of 1,000 photos of different poses, which are all to be seen in a book. The book Study of Pose shows all images of the model dressed in white posing against a black background. There is an accompanying program, which shows all moves in 360 degrees – in other words: the 3D models of Coco Rocha.

Sebring went to Shapeways to get his 3D models printed. The models became possible thanks to Sebring’s set of many camera’s, because the photographer used as many as 100 cameras to create perfect 3D models of the 26-year-old model. He is highly passionate about Coco Rocha, as the photographer notes in the introduction of the book:

When Coco poses, there is a story being told with every gesture. To me, that’s story telling at its most basic and beautiful. We covered all the classic poses from art history, and then moved into iconic poses from fashion and film. We also covered all manners of dance movement, from ballet to Elvis and everything in between.

The photographer exhibits his work in a museum as well. In New York’s the Mik Gallery you are able to see his work until December 21. His project can be seen as a perfect study of movement, which combines new techniques and classic photos. For the moves, he got inspired by many famous people. The website notes ‘everything from Botticelli’s Venus to Michael Jackson’. In addition, there are references from art history, film, dance, fashion and beyond.

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