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3D Printed Device Teaches Kids to be Less Gross
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

TipTapTop, designed by Théo Sauzon, a student of Mechanical engineering at the University Claude Bernard, is a 3D printed gadget that is attached to a faucet to control the flow of water, but it does a lot more than just start and stop the tap.

Inside the innocuous blue drop is a self contained hydroelectric generator. Water from the top enters a pressurized container with an engery generating turbine. The energy is stored in a rechargeable batter that powers an infra-red sensor and a sound card.

Like those fancy sinks in hotels and restaurants, the TipTapTop knows when your hands are under it, and tells the main circuit board. Water is released in stages to a musical jingle, that teaches children, and unsanitary adults, how to properly wash their hands. Because the device stops the flow of water when it doesn't detect hands, it reduces the water usually wasted when washing hands by up to 70%.

TipTapTop represented France during the Junior Water Prize 2013 in Stockholm and is currently an entrant of the James Dyson Award 2014.

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