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3D Printed Parts Turns Veggies into Toys
Posted by 3DP4E

By Leo Lutero | PSFK

leFabShop, a French store which puts the fabulous in fabrication, has come up with free-for-all project called “Open Toys”. Download the files for free and you may print the parts anywhere there is a 3D printer. By utilizing the growing popularity of 3D printing technology, the project helps turn boring vegetables into lively toys with 15 unique stick-on parts.

The idea began in 2013 with Patricia Urquiola’s workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet. (PSFK has previously reported on Urquiola’s pitchers for fundraising water wells in Ethiopia.) When the designer met with leFabShop’s Creative Director Samuel Bernier, the plan was to make the toys out of wood and cork scraps. Unfortunately, the wood and cork were too hard to manipulate without tools.

While harvesting crops from his garden, Bernier thought of using vegetables instead which are easily available, safe and soft enough to insert the prongs in. It took nine months for the project to be completed with the help of Thomas Thibault of the leFabShop workshop.

You may download the 15 STL files from Thingiverse here and you may visit the complete Instructables page on how to play with the Open Toys. At the end of the instructions is a recipe for a popular French vegetable dish made that could be made from the toys.

The creator shares:

“What I find very funny doing this kind of workshop is that, as adults, some (combinations) seem very logical to us, like the eggplant for the submarine, and the carrot for the race car, (the way I imagined them) but young minds see things a different way. They are much more creative and silly. We’ve seen cucumbers completely covered with wheels!”

The toys may be washed over the sink or through a home dishwasher as long as temperatures aren’t too high.

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