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3D-printed skeletons for your mythology museum
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By Charly Chow | New World Today

Animal skulls, dinosaur skulls, biology specimens — all of these are superb items, but they depart a critical gap in the skeletons-as-artwork market: unicorns. Also jackalopes, fairies, chupacabras, centaurs… nicely. You get the notion.

Which is exactly where artist and designer Brian Richardson comes in — and to fill this gap, he has created his personal collection of skeletons, called Mythic Articulations, taken straight from the pages of myth and legend.

“About a 12 months ago I decided I needed a bird skeleton, for no certain explanation. Just anything neat to have,” he explained to CNET.

“I had just realized about 3D printing, so I realized 3D modeling in excess of the next couple of months and printed 1. After that I made a handful of other ‘real’ animal skulls and a number of plants, and then made a decision out of the blue to make a Chupacabra Skeleton. I’ve constantly had an interest in cryptozoology, and mythology, so that’s where the idea came from. I had opened my Shapeways keep and was commencing to get income, so that got me motivated to keep generating more, given that they were now funding themselves.”

The perform of creating the skeletons themselves, nevertheless, is a whole lot much more painstaking than prior 3D-printed skeletons we’ve seen. In contrast to Fire & Bone and Primordial Profiles, Richardson did not have base skeletons to scan in and operate from, so he had to function from scratch.

“I use the system ZBrush to sculpt each one particular,” he mentioned. “I begin from a virtual ball of clay, and push, pull, lower, and move it close to right up until it appears like what ever component I am generating. I use plenty of reference pictures of real animal skeletons. I’m to the point where a whole lot of the parts for new creatures are previously created (skulls, wings, spines, and so forth.) and I can just mix and match them with a number of changes to have a new skeleton. Following that, it really is off to the printers and a week later I have received the skeleton.”

The benefits — as you can see in the gallery showcasing a small assortment below — are practically nothing brief of amazing, in every sense of the word. At the second, the collection consists of 17 various mythological skeletons and a assortment of skulls, offered via Shapeways and Etsy, but Richardson has programs to preserve adding to it. Following up: Cerberus.


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