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3D Printed Vertebra Implanted in Peking
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Doctors at Peking University have successfully implanted the first 3D printed vertebrae in a patient, a 12 year old boy with a tumor on his spinal chord. After surgery to remove the cancerous parts of his vertebra, they were replaced with 3D Printed parts.

The replacement piece was printed out of a titanium powder, which is the typical material for orthopedic implants, but that's where the similarities end and the benefits of the 3D Printing process begin to show. Unlike traditional implants, the 3D printed ones can be custom fit to each patient, which means that less work and other hardware such as screws or surgical cement are needed to secure the implant. The porous nature of the new vertebra also allows bone to grow into into it, creating an organic bond.

As the boomers in America, Silver generation in China, and previous generations all over the world come of age, the need for orthopedics will grow along side them; which makes advances in this part of the 3D printing world especially relevant and useful.


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