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3Doodler celebrates sales of 100,000 3D printing pens, launches new Pedal accessory
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By Staff | 3Ders

3Doodler, the world's first 3D printing pen, is revealing its new accessories range of a 3Doodler stand, nozzle set, and foot pedal at IFA this year, as well as a brand new range of eight plastics.

WobbleWorks, the company behind 3Doodler, claims the 3D printing pen has hit 100,000 sales in the past 11 months, and "3Doodler is now the world's most popular 3D printing device".

3Doodler which was launched in 2013 allows you to literally draw in the air - whether freestyle 3D sketching or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures.

3Doodler will be exhibiting their new accessories at the German tradeshow, including the new 3Doodler "Pedal", DoodleStand and Nozzle Set.

The Pedal, revealed for the first time at IFA, is a foot pedal that you control to stop and start the extrusion of plastic. This means you can hold the pen from various angles to create and doodle without the restriction of holding the buttons near the tip, making 3D design easier than ever before.

The DoodleStand not only holds the 3Doodler but also moves, helping users doodle accurate and clean lines - especially useful for those with unsteady hands.

The Nozzle Set is a series of six interchangeable nozzles including ribbon-shaped, square and triangular nozzles, which allow users to extrude plastic in completely new shapes and sizes - the set even includes a handy tool for removing and storing your nozzles.

3Doodler now also expands the range of plastics for 3D printing pen, with a total of 46 colors across ABS and PLA. It has introduced eight new colors - including Radioactive Yellow, Cotton Candy Pink, Café au Lait, and two additions to the "Clearly" range, Clearly Yellow and Clearly Black.


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