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3DPrinterOS to Include 3Dponics DIY Hydroponics System
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

3DPrinterOS, an operating system connecting to the majority of the most popular 3D printers through Mac/Windows/Linux, and Raspberry Pi, will be collaborating to include 3Dponics’ open-source DIY 3D printable hydroponics system as part of the upcoming launch of 3DPrinterOS. All of the digital files and instructions required to build the system will be preloaded to 3DPrinterOS as a project users can access, share and print them immediately, directly from the 3DPrinterOS interface.

“Soon, tons of people will have 3D printers inside their homes, so it’s crucial these people have access to meaningful, sustainable projects—ones that benefit themselves, the public, and the environment," said Michael Golubev, 3Dponics Founder and CEO. "The way we see it is, eventually, anyone using a 3D printer, whether it’s a Makerbot, Ultimaker or Leapfrog, will have the ability to access 3Dponics via 3DPrinterOS, and that’s what we want. It’s an open source project: the more people who know about it and build it, the better.”

This partnership will allow instant access to printing the 3Dponics project components, and owners of multiple 3D printers to queue up and print the entire project on their various printers in a single process. Users are also able to share their 3D printers via 3DPrinterOS, so they help others complete their own 3Dponics systems as well.

“We’re huge fans of the 3Dponics project and we wanted to give users access to files right away that can be printed to make a difference in their homes and across the world,” said John Dogru, CEO of 3DPrinterOS.

We think this is could possibly be a very fruitful partnership. 3D Printers have been waiting for their "killer app" for some time now, and 3DPrinterOS allows people with Printers, but are lacking in modeling experience, to make something practical that they couldn't otherwise buy. And the 3DPonics system has great appeal, meshing incredibly well with various foodie and fresh-food movements, and giving the power to control one's diet to anyone who owns a 3D printer, the number of which should only increase in the future.


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