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Award Winners Mcor Paper Print Beautiful Festival Creation
Posted by 3DP4E

By Shane Taylor | 3D Printing Industry

Mcor Technologies, riding a high further to receiving the Green Award at the recent 3D Printshow 2014 global awards ceremony in London, have 3D printed a full colour paper Durga idol for India’s six-day Durga Puja festival. The Durga idol is called TriNayanee. The Durga Puja festival celebrates the Hindu goddess Durga’s triumph over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. The many armed goddess idol is intricate in detail and complex in form, printed in glorious multi-colour using Mcor’s unique Selective Deposition Laminating (SDL) 3D printing technology.

PrintZworldwide India (PWL) designed the idol for their project 3Devi, Devi refers to goddess. The scene uses paper to create intricate colours and textures forming the appearance of being carved out of stone. Durga Puja idol’s are usually made by crafting a bamboo skeleton and covering it with clay and straw, then sculpting the clay straw mix to the appropriate shape and size. The traditional idol’s are then completed by adding a bright and colourful finish of paint.

PWL chose to use paper for the model because of its environmental soundness, adhering to environmental laws that now prohibit the use of traditional bamboo and clay for Durga idols. The use of 3D paper printing also added the benefits of reducing the overall cost of the project, and creating the Durga in far less time than it would have taken to craft by hand.

Ujjal Mitra, Director of PWL explained: “We see 3D printing as a great way to create Durga Puja idols for celebrations around the world. The idols can be designed in India yet printed on any Mcor 3D printer on the planet. It would be a wonderful way for expatriates to keep in touch with their traditions. It would also inspire a new breed of traditional artisans using the digital medium to enhance traditional sculpting.”

The size of the paper printed creation meant it had to be 3D printed in a number of parts, which were then joined together. The Mcor IRIS 3D Printer creates output as hard as wood, as the sheets of paper are bonded together.

Mitra added: “Our finished Durga Puja idol is beautiful. We can’t wait to show it off at the Jodhpur Park Saradiya Utsav 2014 this fall. We will be presenting the quintessential blend of the traditional and the contemporary in this creation. In a festival full of eye-dazzling attractions, we’re confident our pandal will stand out.”

Yet another beautiful creation by one of the most unique 3D printing technologies, and a happy week for Mcor staff thanks to their well earned 3D Print Show award.

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