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BEEVERYCREATIVE Brings 3D Printers to Schools
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Within the past year we've seen some schools introduce 3D Printing into schools. We've seen, for example, Mike Hathorn teach his students history through 3D printed architecture, or a school in upstate NY use 3D Printed Drag Racers to teach engineering and physics. But, on a state and federal level, many schools are ignorant to the benefits 3D Printing can have in the classroom.

3D Printer manufacture BEEVERYCREATIVE is taking the initiative to get 3D Printers in classrooms through their "3D in Schools" program. They've already started in Portugal, where they had set out to bring 3D printing technology to every school in the country.

BEEVERYCREATIVE sums up the process of the "3D in Schools" initiative in 3 steps:

  1. Widespread provision of specific technological solutions to schools
  2. Adaptation of teaching content
  3. Presentation of advantageous commercial solutions.

BEEVERYCREATIVE's CEO, Diogo Qental believes “[T]hat 3D printing will give rise to a profound revolution in both current production methods and the very way we live, adding value to society and contributing to a better world. New generations will be the engine behind this change in paradigm, so we see spreading 3D printing throughout Educational Systems as vital. The successful adoption of this technology may give a country a more competitive edge, contributing in no small part to the well-being of its people.”

BEEVERYCREATIVE is looking for help from organizations within the education and technology sectors, as well as suppliers of school equipment. They plan on presenting more details on this project at the Lisbon Design Show in October.

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