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‘Cellular Textiles’ Introduce New Generation of Designers to the Fashion Industry
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By Plus Aziz | Psfk

Get a sneak-peek at a 3D printing designer’s process to complete projects for various fashion brands

There’s no shortage of breakthrough textile ideas when it comes to 3D printing, but only a few designers actually get to show their work in the context of a brand. While many 3D designers are tinkering and experimenting, those working with brands are obtaining the type of support needed to further refine their skills and bring 3D printing to the flourishing field we expect it to become.

One such designer would be Bradley Rothenberg, an architect who developed what he’s referring to as cellular textiles, a class of textiles created & designed in 3 dimensions. He explains that:

Unlike traditional methods that are designed in 2 dimensions, like sowing, weaving or knitting, cellular textiles consist of the repeating interlocking cells that vary to create different performances of stretch, opacity, & flexibility throughout a textile. We also have been developing the software to ‘grow,’ these textiles around any 3D shape, so you can take a 3D scan of you & custom fit a sweater to your shape… We have been, & are working with several fashion companies to incorporate these materials into their collections

You may remember Bradley from his work with Shapeway’s Duann Scott, who were recently commissioned by Victoria’s Secret and Swarkovski to develop a runway outfit that would perfectly fit model Lindsay Ellingson’s body perfectly during the 2014 Secret Fashion Show.

The project was developed over the course of 5 months and the videos below show some of the cellular textile prototypes from his studio (not all of which were leveraged for the fashion show).

Stay updated on Bradley Rothenberg’s concepts and updates by subscribing to his textile research blog.


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