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Electric Skateboard Lets You Affordably 3D Print Replacement Parts
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By Leah Gonzalez | PSFK

The Electric Bubblegum Board features 3D-printed parts so that users can produce their own components when needed

We’ve seen designers and creators come out with their own versions of the electric skateboard, but as these versions become more technologically advanced, it can also become more costly to build them. That’s where the creators of the Electric Bubblegum Boardhope to make a difference.

The Electric Bubblegum Board is a small, lightweight electric skateboard that features 3D-printed parts that make it easy and affordable for users to 3D print their own replacement parts when they need them.

The Electric Bubblegum is a 27-inch skateboard that weighs 12.1 lbs and is capable of running with a speed of up to 21 mph with a range of about 10 miles. The electric skateboard has a sleek and compact design and comes in six bright color combinations.

The creators of the Bubblegum skateboard built 3 prototype boards that they used to test for durability, battery life, speed, torque, safety and general electronic functionality. They conducted testing for about four weeks and found the electronic skateboard and its 3D-printed parts holding up well under testing. Of course, parts will eventually wear out, but that’s where the 3D printing element comes in. Users can produce their own replacement parts when they want to or need to.

The Electric Bubblegum Board is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise funds that will be used to buy all parts they need in bulk and purchase large-format printers so the team can work on improving the fit and finish of the production boards.

For only $550, backers can purchase their own Electric Bubblegum skateboard with wireless remote, a USB stick with all STD files to 3D-print replacement parts and a battery charger. For $25, backers get a USB stick of all the STL files they can use to 3D print an Electric Bubblegum and all replacement components. Included in the USB package are the files for four case designs, 4 pulleys sets of different sizes, 4 motor mount designs, and 2 pulley cover sets of different sizes. Backers who ordered the $550 skateboard can expect their Bubblegum board to ship starting March 2015. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Oct. 25.

Check out the Kickstarter video here.

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Source: Gizmag


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