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First Ever 3DRV Brought to You by Autodesk, HP and now Stratasys
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By Shanie Phillips | Inside 3DP

Around a month after its late-May kick off in San Francisco, 3DRV and Stratasys announced that Stratasys is officially co-sponsoring 3DRV, an eight-month coast-to-coast tour of the US to explore how additive manufacturing is influencing individuals, communities, and businesses across the nation. The tour is scheduled to have over 100 stops.

The 3DRV tour is being led by Autodesk and sponsored by HP, GoPro, Jayco RV, Faro, Leica Microsystems, DotProduct, and Stratasys as of Thursday. Along the way, people will be able to use Stratasys 3D printers to see how the technology can be applied in their various fields.

The tour will travel across the United States, stopping at various towns along the way to document 3D printing’s impact on society. In addition to visiting businesses and towns that have been influenced by 3D printing, the tour will also stop at colleges to educate students about 3D printing and increase awareness. Colleges that will be visited by 3DRV include Stanford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Rhode Island School of Design and MIT, the latter of which has been experimenting heavily with 3D printing through its famous Media Lab.

The tour will also be visiting the headquarters of major companies including General Electric,MakerBot and Stratasys. 3DRV will be visiting Stratasys headquarters in Minneapolis this coming Monday, June 30.

TJ McCue, a Forbes writer, 3D printing enthusiast and fellow contributor at Inside3DP, will be hosting the tour and traveling with the RV to document the journey through blogging, video, and other multimedia.

“We believe that 3D printing is revolutionizing how products are designed and manufactured, providing new opportunities to businesses and manufacturers of all size,” said Gilad Gans, president of North America Operations for Stratasys. “Like the Internet in the 1990s and smartphones in the last decade, 3D printing technology is expected to become highly accessible, and it is likely poised to usher in a new world of design and manufacturing possibilities.”

You can follow the journey at


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