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Fuel3D’s Future Scanning Devices
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By Staff | Fabbaloo

During a discussion with Fuel3D at CES it became clear they’re setting goals far beyond mere 3D face scanning.

Their recent investment round of USD$6.4M has permitted the company to expand their operations significantly. They explained they’ve been building out “company infrastructure”, particularly in the USA. (Their home base is Oxford, UK, a little distant from the major markets). The goal is to build out their consumer service capabilities to meet the anticipated needs of product launch. Apparently they’ve now secured more than 40 distributors for the product - and are actively seeking additional resellers if you happen to be one.

But there’s a lot more going on in their labs. Evidently the technology they’ve developed can be adapted for far more than just the 3D face scanning we’ve seen. Consider that their initial application, with many more to follow.

They’re investigating many applications, such as 3D scans designed to identify the precise dimensions of eyewear or orthotics. They’re hoping to build the necessary scalability for manufacturing with these types of applications.

Two other applications were shown, at least in proof of concept form. At top is an image of a desktop 3D scanner, eerily similar to HP’s Sprout approach.

Here is shown another application they’re experimenting with: a 3D scanning mirror. Note the locations of three lights around the perimeter and cameras in the center. One can only imagine the applications possible on such a device: precise simulation of hairstyles, clothing, cosmetic surgery and more.

How are things at Fuel3D? They say: “exciting and exhausting”.

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