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Joris Laarman Can Print Metal on Thin Air
Posted by 3DP4E

By 3DP4E

Featured in this month's Wired Magazine, Dutch designer Joris Laarman recently developed a metal 3D printer that he used to make his "Dragon Chair" entirely out of stainless steel.

As stated in the article, Laarman's goal is to “get 3D printing out of the world of funny little gadgets.” Working with materials researchers at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, he created the MX3D metal printer he used to make the chair.

The MX3D printer uses a metal inert gas welding machine with a robotic arm, enabling it to print a ‘free flowing’ metal. The arm is flexible, and can move in more ways than the typical desktop 3D printer, enabling the MX3D to create complex shapes. “By adding small amounts of molten metal at a time, we are able to print lines in mid air without support,” adds Laarman.

According to the article, Laarman and his lab are already talking with Autodesk about marketing the MX3D to consumers.


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