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Liam Casey – “The Renaissance in Prototyping is Integral to Tech-Innovation”
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By PSFK labs | PSFK

Liam Casey is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PCH. PCH creates, develops and delivers the world’s best technology products for the world’s best brands. Liam is widely recognized as a thought leader on international trade and business in China. His entrepreneurial flair and talent for spotting new opportunities has revolutionized international commerce and disrupted traditional supply chain models, contributing to the success of many of the world’s largest technology brands. Liam’s vision for PCH has dramatically shortened the time-to-market for the latest products on the market.

Liam’s talk at the Makers Movement Event hosted and sponsored by PCH is about the renaissance in prototyping. Liam makes the case that whilst everyone thinks there is a renaissance in hardware and in manufacturing, the real innovation has been in prototyping. The fabrics of technology have changed a lot in the last couple of years and now with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Edison, Galileo allows more people to be more creative with the hardware.

Watch Liam’s talk to find out how the renaissance in prototyping is integral for innovation.


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