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Morgenrot 3D printed eyewear wins innovation award, to be released in early 2015
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by Alec | 3Ders

We've already seen that 3D printing technology is slowly but surely creeping into our wardrobes, as a number of fashion designers have started working with 3D printed outfits and accessories. But German designer Joachim Bischoff is taking things to an entirely different level. For in early 2015, his Morgenrot eyewear collection, which have been entirely constructed with 3D printers, will hit the shelves.

Bischoff, who has worked as an independent eyewear designer and developer since 1983, has been dreaming about printing custom eyewear for years. As explained to, he already started creating eyewear on the computer with Rhino software years ago. Now, 'a dream came true when he first recognized the possibilities in eyewear making with the new additive manufacturing technologies of high quality 3D printing with the SLS – selective laser sintering - technique.'

Indeed, his fashionable spectacle creations have been realised using SLS printing technology, which has the potential to produce high-quality, highly accurate objects without the need for extensive post-production. They will be printed using polyamide and titanium, coming together as 'eyewear creations [that] are not only looking extraordinary but also fit perfectly with the option to customize nearly all parameters.'

They will also become available in just about any color imaginable. Reportedly, the models are very lightweight and easy to wear.

Bischoff's Morgenrot collection (German for dawn, which explains the phrase 'sunrise for your face') will become available at a few selective stores in early 2015, and will feature a number of different designs. Some models will feature a basic front and an exchangeable clip-on system to enable different shapes, looks and sun-lenses. This features a clever and secure clip-on system that has already been patented.

While we will have to wait a few months for these fascinating glasses to become available, the reaction from the eyewear industry already seems positive. Bischoff's prototype for the Morgenrot SC3 model already won his first award in the category Frame Technological Innovation at the Silmo d'Or convention in Paris last month, France's largest eyewear event of the year.

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