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Mosaic Manufacturing will turn your Single Color 3D Printer into a Multi-Color 3D Printer
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By Scott J Grunewald | 3D Printing Industry

A new Canadian start-up has released a video showing off the capabilities of its new 3D printing filament managing system. The system will work with your slicer program and automatically feed multiple colors of filament into a single extruder 3D printer.

Mosaic Manufacturing was formed by five Canadian college students who recently took first place in the Queens College Summer Innovation Initiative business pitch competition. This came at the tail end of a three-month long business development program that helped them develop their winning pitch. Students Danny Lloyd, Chris Labelle, Derek Vogt, Heather Evans, and Mitchell Debora took home $40,000 in seed money to launch their new venture.

The 3D printer software and accessory allows a standard single extruder 3D printer to print models in multiple colors. The filament is fed into the Mosaic box and the software works with your slicer to cut and fuse together the filament in the exact quantities needed to print some impressively clean multi-color 3D models. Mosaic Manufacturing says that its system is extremely accurate and there won’t be the oozing or color bleeding that can happen with similar multi-color 3D printing methods.

Here is the new Mosaic Manufacturing promotional video:

According to Mosaic Manufacturing, provided a 3D printer accepts standard filament and operates using G-Code/X3G it will work with their software. In fact, the Mosaic device was designed to work with most single extruder 3D printers on the market. The device doesn’t require any modification of an existing 3D printer, it simply needs to be plugged in and fed the filament that you want to print with.

The software or hardware isn’t available yet, however it will most likely be making its way to Kickstarter very soon. Mosaic Manufacturing will also be releasing an API that will integrate the Mosaic software with most of the slicer programs available. You can find out more about Mosaic Manufacturing on the website, and while you’re there you can register to be notified when their product is available for purchase.

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