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New Brick Made with Vodka Might Solve the 3D Printed Building Problem
Posted by 3DP4E

By 3DP4E

The PolyBrick, from Cornell University professor Jenny Sabin and her design lab is one of the latest steps taken to solve the problem of the 3D printed house.

The mortarless bricks, which use alcohol and sugar as binders, are designed to lock snuggly together, and they aren't build via layering, like traditional 3D prints, but by making arches and creating domes.

Builds using PolyBrick are designed using three algorithms: one that creates the geometry of the bricks, another that labels them, and a third that determines how they'll morph and orient themselves in the structure.

Aside from the general ease of using 3D printed bricks for architecture, another benefit of the PolyBrick is their cost. Michael Miller, a visiting critic and researcher claims that with "The ceramic, the maltodextrin, and...alcohol (anything from isopropyl to cheap vodka), each brick ends up costing under $4 or something. It's a very cheap process."

The PolyBrick hasn't been used in any large-scale structures yet, but will be demonsted as early as this fall.

h/t to Fast Company


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