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Niki Firmin Crosses Dimensions with 2D to 3D Printed Art
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Artist Niki Firmin is redefining the boundaries of painting and sculpture by integrating 3D printed details into her otherwise 2D work. One particular piece, “Moodle”, depicts a cow testing to see if the grass is greener on our side of the work.

Firmin was inspired to create the piece when she was disappointed by the previously purely 2D composition's lack of depth. “I had just about finished the piece in colored pencil and was pleased with the result, but was doing so much 2-D to 3-D work with the van Gogh pieces I have produced at work I just felt it was lacking depth, so decided I would try doodling the nose to get the piece that depth.”

Using a 3Doodler she created a nose for the cow that could break the dimensional barrier limiting the work. She touched it up with a little more paint and "[W]as over the moon with the result! I had been looking to find ways to combine the 3Doodler with fine art and the final result blended in so well! I don’t think I’m going to be able to go back to 2-D anymore. 2D – 3D is the way forward for me, and I’m hoping it will make my work stand out in a very competitive market.”


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