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Smithsonian Institution Installs First Major 3D Printed Piece for 3D Digitization Program
Posted by 3DP4E

By Staff | Azom

3D Systems announced today that the Smithsonian Institution has installed its first major 3D printed piece for its 3D digitization program: a prehistoric whale fossil that was 3D scanned and printed. 3DS, in collaboration with the Smithsonian, provided its 3D technology for 3D scan processing and printing as part of its ground-breaking multi-year partnership with Smithsonian Institution to showcase 3D printing services and technology at the National Museum of Natural History.

3DS has helped establish Smithsonian X 3D (, a website where visitors can follow the 3D printing revolution and experience the new opportunities it presents in manufacturing, research, and education, as well as interact and download free STLs from the collection. The centerpiece of the collection, the Chilean whale fossil shown in this video, measures 20 feet in length, and after being 3D printed was finished and mounted bringing it to museum visitors just as it was discovered in the desert. The complete collection also includes approximately 20 additional artifacts and objects, each 3D printed and ranging in size from about 12 inches in overall length, width, and height to 36 inches in overall dimensions.

"We are honored and excited to be part of this visionary Smithsonian initiative, to increase the visibility and accessibility of our national treasures for all," said Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3DS. "The Smithsonian has shown both foresight and technological leadership in embracing the potential of 3D printing to preserve and showcase today's and tomorrow's collections, making them readily available to a global audience while demonstrating the power of 3D printing in a compelling and meaningful way."


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