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The Ewe Filament Extruder turns recycled plastic into inexpensive 3D printing
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By Staff | 3ders

The high costs of 3-D printing continue keeping it from achieving mass consumer adoption. Compared to raw plastic, 3D printer filament is really expensive. For example, 1kg of plastic filament is $40~55, but 1kg of raw ABS is $15 shipped.

Now Ewe Industries, an Italian company wants to change that with its Ewe filament extruder that is designed for every individual. The Ewe filament extruder turns any recycled plastic, such as granulated ABS and PLA plastic, into filament. In addition it has also a system that can synchronize the speed of extrusion with that of the spooling to spool it for you during manufacturing process.

You can extrude plastics that fall within the rang of permissible temperatures (20 ° -230 ° C). But you can not mix different materials, since the melting temperature of each material is different.

You can choose different colors of plastic and mix and match them to get the preferred look. "You can also add charges to the basic color for different finishes (carbon, wood, etc.)," notes Ewe Industries.

The Ewe Filament Extruder is designed for everyone. "You can use it either in automatic mode or advanced mode for more experienced users. With the Arduino logic you can adjust temperature and time of extrusion." explains Ewe Industries.

It is very easy to get started with the Ewe Filament Extruder: simply connect Ewe to the power source and insert the pellet. You then set temperature and extrusion time and the device will do the rest.


Hardware: Arduino and shields developed for Ewe industries
Temperature Settings: Can be set to stay constant at any temperature between 40°C to 230°C
Extrude Rate: 25 cm\min to 50 cm\min (9.85 inch \min to 19.7 inch\min)
Input Material: ABS, PLA and colorantHopper capacity: 500 grams
Nozzle dimension: 1.75 mm – 3.00 mm (interchangeable nozzles)
Device Max dimension: 17 cm x 37 cm (6.7 inch x 14.58 inch)
Weight: 4 kgDisplay: Blu LCD 16×2 Lines
Joystick: 5 FunctionPower requirements: AC input, 100–240V; DC output, 12 v 20A
Construction: Body & Spool: PS; Supporting Structure: Reinforced Steel; Softening Room: Brass

Ewe Industries offers three different products on their webshop:

Ewe Filament Extruder Starter Kit: 330€
Ewe Filament Extruder Assembled Kit: 490€
Ewe Filament Extruder Deluxe: 690€

You can also upgrade your Starter kit or Assembled Kit to Deluxe design with an extra 170€.

The device could drive down the costs, both financial and environmental. With the beauty of the Made in Italy, the startup hopes to help everyone to create their 3D printed objects with very low material cost.


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