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The F3D Prints and Cooks Food!
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

While we've covered 3D Food Printers in the past, they've all been limited to foods that can be eaten raw, or candy, which means that 3D printing your dinner was a still more of a ways off than we would have liked. But today we've seen a breakthrough.

Hillel Baderman, Jacob Watfa, Francis Nwobu, and James Clarke, undergraduate students from the Imperial College London have modified existing RepRap 3D printing technology to create a food printer that can of print and cook a complete dish. To create F3D, (pronounced “fed”), the students cherry-picked from various paste extrusion ideas, including Richard “RichRap” Horne’s Universal Paste Extruder, Hod Lipson’s Fab@Home paste extrusion system, and Thingiverse user keesj’s Simple Paste Extruder. F3D is controlled by a DUET and DUEX4 bundle, capable of handling up to five different extruders. The food is cooked on a halogen light oven, not unlike the Easy-Bake Oven.

The group had a budget of £1,200 for their project, and turned it into a machine that can 3D print and cook food made with 3 different ingredients from 3 extruders. F3D has successfully baked a pizza in 20 minutes, and even does cookies.

The four students published their entire design and build process online for others to build upon and modify, and hopefully soon we'll see our first true 3D Printer chef.


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