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UNYQ's 3D-printed covers make prosthetics modern and stylish
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By Staff | 3ders

Eythor Bender, co-founder and CEO of UNYQ, a new fashion house and etailer, wants to re-imagine prosthetics, so that every wearer could design their own prosthetic that expresses their personality.

"Until World War II, when the process of fabricating prosthetics was industrialized, all prosthetics were handmade but too expensive to scale due to details of the craftsmanship." notes Bender. "Thanks to its proprietary technique, UNYQ can now, affordably, revive personalization and handcraft innovative 3D printed prosthetic covers -- or fairings -- that mirror the shape of the amputee's sound leg."

Established in 2014 and with studios in San Francisco, California and Seville, Spain, UNYQ is a direct-to-consumer site that invites amputees to design stunning 3D printed custom fairings and other ornamentations for their prosthetic legs.

The site has created a collection of custom prosthetic fairing designs that enable amputees to define their own style. Users can browse through the collection online and choose the one that matches their lifestyle and taste. If you have your own idea about the design of fairing, you just need to submit a few photos or drawings of the design you have in mind. The UNYQ team will then take care the rest.

Once you have selected your design, UNYQ will make a custom fairing model that fits just for you and print it out on a 3D printer. The custom 3d printed fairing can be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks, says the company. "And if they don't absolutely love their fairing, we'll take it back. No questions asked," Mr. Bender said.

Most of the fairings are made with Polyamide. Depending on your chosen design and height, average adult fairings weigh about 600 grams/1.5 lbs.

UNYQ is introducing 30 limited edition collections of fairings online, all 3D printed, for above-the-knee prosthetic legs. Bender says they plan to introduce fairings for below-the-knee prosthetic feet in the Summer of 2014.

Each 3D printed fairing costs about $995~$1,390, but if you want to design your own unique fairing, the cost is $2,000. "We design for the whole person and address their wants and needs as opposed to simply appending technical functionality," explained Bender. "Amputees don't have to make fashion compromises anymore."


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