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What The Maker Movement Will Mean For Consumers & Brands
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In San Francisco this past October, PSFK Labs hosted an evening event exploring the key opportunities and implications of the ‘Maker Movement,’ in partnership with PCH.

To deepen the conversation around the central ideas identified by our study, PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes hosted a panel alongside a cast of key innovators in the space. Speakers from Autodesk, Modbot, and OnBeep took the stage and discussed big ideas developing in the sector and what it’ll mean for the consumers and brands.


Daniel Pizzata. Co-Founder of Modbot

Daniel, the founder of ModBot, has a double degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering and Physics at CUT. His ability to combine creativity with technology has led to work for the US Defense as well as providing electronics expertise to companies such as BAE Systems.

@notionofmusic | @ModbotOfficial

Jesse Robbins. Founder of OnBeep

Jesse is an entrepreneur, engineer, author, and firefighter notable for his contributions in the field of Web operations, DevOps, and Emergency Management. Jesse is recognized for founding the Velocity Web Performance & Operations Conference, and founding Opscode.

@Jesserobbins | @Onbeep

Guillermo Melantoni. Senior Product Manager of Autodesk

As senior Product Manager for Suite Workflows at Autodesk, Guillermo is responsible for the overall vision of Suite Workflows as well as testing, design and software development of the product.

@melton3d | @Autodesk

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