The newly renovated Digital Fabrication Lab (FABLab) at Taubman College leverages state-of-the-art industrial technology to perform architectural fabrication research. It is one of few select academic institutions around the world utilizing robotic automation to perform both subtractive and additive manufacturing processes. The technologies have existed in the aerospace and automotive industries for some time, but have just recently infiltrated the architectural-fabrication industry.

The Fab Lab operates numerous computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines, allowing students and faculty to work with virtually any material.


Model and Brand Qty Description
6484dc282708709e5d452354fa934966ce453d18 thumb ZCorp310
by 3D Systems
1 X – Y Resolution 300dpi x 450dpi 3D Layer Thickness 0,0875mm, 0,1mm or 0.2mm 3D Print...
4bee456d83e1c2bdc4e20352f9a5fd3f4bfeb0d9 thumb VLS6.60
by Universal Laser Systems
2 The largest in the VLS platform line, the VLS6.60 has a wide and deep engraving area that can acc...

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