The San Diego installation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Fab Lab Network was sited in 2007, with the aim of actualizing ideas by turning concepts into physical forms through design and fabrication.

From this origin, Fab Lab SD has focused on connecting people with technology through education, both for youth and adults, developing partnerships locally in order to create site-specific learning programs. Fab Lab San Diego formed a partnership with University of California San Diego K-16 Programs in 2010 to expand and accredit programming, merging the informal lab environment with standards-based technical education through the creation of a portfolio of accredited classes.

With roots in the Maker, Hacker and DIY Movements, Fab Lab SD is currently focused on providing resources for local inventors, developers, makers, and innovators through learning opportunities.
FabLabSD has served the community of San Diego by granting learners of all ages a free space where we offer multiple ways to explore digital fabrication, experiment and create.

Hundreds of Lab users and students have received no-cost staff attention, training, machine use and even the materials needed to create their ideas.

In this capacity, Fab Lab has acted as a community-based innovation center, functioning under the concept that many people have the potential for innovation, but lack the tools needed to make their ideas a reality. During this time, Fab Lab San Diego has acted as a bridge – a place where advanced technology is accessible, and a place where anyone can invent and execute an original design. This outreach effort has been made possible by grant support from our sponsors and partners.

Our Educational Programs offer experiences in design, science, engineering, electronics, computation, mathematics and the scientific method through a self-directed, project-based learning curriculum, resulting in personal development and real-world skill attainment. By focusing on programs that address empowerment, education, innovation, production and creativity, we aim to achieve individual and community development, empowering the individual and the community through accessible and relevant learning.


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2 Epilog Legend Laser Series The Legend Series features our top-of-the-line CO2 laser systems and ...
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2 BRING YOUR PROJECTS TO LIFE With the standard in desktop 3D printing. START A REVOLUTION ON Y...

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