The Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa is an IRS qualified 501 (c) (3) tax exempt, not-for-profit entity located in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood of Tulsa. Fab Lab Tulsa provides community access to advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication tools for learning skills, developing inventions, creating businesses and producing personalized products. Fab Lab Tulsa is one of over 150 MIT-chartered Fab Labs in more than 40 countries and the first in the southeastern region of the United States. Furthermore, Fab Lab Tulsa is one of the top labs globally in terms of leadership, organization, support, size and capabilities, and an excellent example of the impact a fab lab can make on a community. Sherry Lassiter, Director of the Fab Foundation, who visited Tulsa shortly after our grand opening celebration in September of 2011 indicated that the Fab Lab in Tulsa will serve as a model for building community-based Fab Labs around the world going forward.


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Model and Brand Qty Description
Ccb0c224d1e280b662a9f5180650542178590556 thumb Digitizer
by Makerbot
1 “ Now anyone can take a 3D object, scan it, and create a digital copy. ” With just two clicks...
0c8db01fa16f62bc3f71204837b9514461adcba1 thumb Replicator 2
by Makerbot
1 BRING YOUR PROJECTS TO LIFE With the standard in desktop 3D printing. START A REVOLUTION ON Y...
39ee8e4be439737a33a5d39534472ff2dde25686 thumb PRS 9648 Standard CNC Router
by ShopBot
1 ShopBot's PRSstandard CNCs are our high-performing yet affordable, gantry-based CNC router, price...
7efbe72cbb35fee08d6ace492a354160a7e2efb5 thumb Modela MDX-20
by Roland
1 The MDX-20/15's stylish good looks and compact size make it an attractive addition to your deskto...
9b46f33fb59600c4ac314a5c7f048891a011756d thumb CAMM-1 Servo GX-24
by Roland
1 For more than twenty years, sign makers, vehicle graphics installers and apparel decorators have ...
7967caf8e9be89b905d70471a3b6e653e9412966 thumb Objet 30
by Stratasys
1 The Objet30 Pro combines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine wit...

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