What is a Fab Lab?
The Industrial Design Fab Lab is a work space containing a variety of computer controlled tools that allow for the manufacture of nearly anything an individual can conceive. The concept was developed at MIT as a way to spur innovation. Read the charter here.

What makes Gateway unique?
Here at Gateway a student or industry professional has the opportunity to conceptualize and design a product using 3D design software in the Mechnanical Design Classroom working with programs such as Solidworks, print a prototype next door in the Fab Lab and then if it is a success, have access to the flexible manufacturing lab where it can be created to scale.


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Model and Brand Qty Description
C7e023402a60bde8e77b1591121cdf729e0958da thumb Objet Eden 350V
by Stratasys
1 The Objet Eden350V offers power and productivity along with 18 different materials to support a w...

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