We believe that technology can change the world and the starting point is education. Hacker Lab aims to educate folks and seed startups with community driven resources. Collectively we can build a brighter future using lean methods in both education and business.

We Provide:
- Coworking & Maker Space for Students, Professionals, and Hobbyist
- EDU courses and Meetup space for technology, fabrication, design, and startups
- Community Mentorship For Startups, Engineers, and Designers
- Networking and Industry Events


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Model and Brand Qty Description
Fa9498d504d07eddbbc6785a542deff0879341f3 thumb Dimension 1200es 3D Printer
by Stratasys
1 Bring Performance Prototyping In-House The Dimension 1200es features the largest build envelope ...
B8a1dfa5f65eae54b354098cb0ce074749508429 thumb Assembled Printrbot Plus
by Printrbot
2 The Assembled Printrbot now brings key upgrades to the existing Plus v2.1. The upgrades bring a ...

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