Fabrication Laboratory


Experimentation with materials, prototyping and testing, physical mock-ups and the exploration of new fabrication processes is integral part of the design culture at the GSD. In support of these pursuits the fabrication lab features a wide range of equipment, ranging from cutting edge robotic workcells, rapid prototyping machines and several CNC milling machines to metal working machines and material testing machines. The shop is structured as an open environment for material-based learning and research, using a wide range of materials from foam and wood, metal and plastics to composites and smart materials. Scale models and full-size prototypes are produced by students and faculty of all departments and all study programs at the GSD.


Model and Brand Qty Description
75443986dc2bd280b24ed1962b6fe5a5edf3ba2d thumb X2-660
by Universal Laser Systems
7 Free-standing unit with integrated cart, motorized Z-axis, auto focus, X-Y beam positioning syste...
3f74317cf602f513f34ffd58c98204477688f887 thumb 4008 Series CNC Router Table
1 The AXYZ Automation, Inc. 4008 Series CNC Router Table is a large format industrial tool capabl...
Fffe407dadb59c13a4e39f46f7cf3632569d6d48 thumb 3-Axis Super Duty Twin Table CNC Router
by C.R. Onsrud
1 At Onsrud, "Fixed Bridge" means cast iron. It also means the spindle travels the stationary bridg...
67f3ab92f4aa6639143163566913f6e1b0f64a75 thumb ZCorp Spectrum Z510
by 3D Systems
2 First High-Definition, Color 3D Printer a Breakthrough in Prototype Model Quality. This produc...
92ad15bdaaf356c762b49ddd2f312a3f4e26fbee thumb ZCorp ZPrinter 650
by 3D Systems
1 High quality color, maximum resolution, maximum construction dimensions. The ZPrinter 650 3D ...
36d8b2c0d8cd6ccfa6592f1ea4099d1737f9b0ec thumb Eden 500V Polyjet 3D Printer
by Stratasys
1 Throughout the design process, Objet Eden 3D Printers create accurate prototypes quickly and cost...
F950773859161cd1e37a580fbaa2fbaaadace691 thumb Dimension SST 768
by Stratasys
1 The Dimension SST 768 is a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D prototyping printer which uses ABS ...
035bd3b00271a0a5aeab82081fe912dc2c247d36 thumb PLS 6.75
by Universal Laser Systems
7 The PLS6.75 is a free-standing platform designed and engineered for light manufacturing operation...
4bee456d83e1c2bdc4e20352f9a5fd3f4bfeb0d9 thumb VLS6.60
by Universal Laser Systems
7 The largest in the VLS platform line, the VLS6.60 has a wide and deep engraving area that can acc...
63973ed892cd027358b87a93ab4b21313d6d8263 thumb X-660
by Universal Laser Systems
7 Universal Laser Systems, Inc., Model X-660 Laser Platform is a computer controlled Laser Cutter f...
472c416ca3703ec99cb95967728ec8534a2a8c58 thumb IRB-140 6-Axis Robot
by ABB
1 Compact, powerful IRB 140 industrial robot. Six axis multipurpose robot that handles payload of 6...
8482694aaa9d4b17e030a81709f88c1dde3ef320 thumb ABB-4400-L30
by ABB
1 The IRB 4400 is a compact robot that can handle loads up to 60 kg. Exceptional all-round capabili...
58e4dedfdf000854b2b6afa6a8a0e0facf763626 thumb SL-V Pump 15-200 hp & Autoline Abrasive Cutting Nozzle
by KMT
1 There are two main factors which determine the size of system required: water volume and pressur...
A169b7b39578b736d2e1859a03aa53fb2cd0f82e thumb MDX-40A Desktop 3-Axis Mill
by Roland
1 The Roland MDX-40A CNC machine combines the advanced capabilities of a Subtractive Rapid Prototyp...
396834ee160734cbf02e9e9aa4b7f070af1d236c thumb TRAK 3-Axis CNC Knee Mill
by Southwestern Industries
1 Combines advanced 3-axis CNC capability with a unique electronic handwheel to enable manual quill...

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