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3-Axis Super Duty Twin Table CNC Router

by C.R. Onsrud
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At Onsrud, "Fixed Bridge" means cast iron. It also means the spindle travels the stationary bridge along the width of the tables while the tables pass underneath the bridge along their short dimension. This design (like our moving gantry design) only uses half of the floor space that a typical "Tubular Fixed Gantry" design would use. Its design is extremely efficient, shuttling the twin tables for continuous production and 100% cutting time. With this design, the CNC's table can be loaded and off-loaded without interrupting the cutting and production that is occurring on the other table. Its heavier and thicker cast iron frame tends to naturally absorb or dampen any cutting vibrations.


  • Product Type:

    CNC Router

  • Specifications:

    Machining Speed: 3400ipm
    X & Y Rapid Traverse: 4800ipm
    Tool Shank: HSK 63F
    Standard Tool Capacity: 12
    Standard Spindle: 18HP; 4-Pole; 24,000rpm

  • Special Notes:

    2 Vacuum Zones Per Table


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