DAVID-laserscanner is a very low-cost system for contact-free scanning of 3d objects. The only hardware requirements are a simple commercial hand-held laser and a standard camera. With reasonable hardware, the scan accuracy is around 0.1% of the object size.

The user interface of DAVID is easy to use and the scanning process is very simple. Just take a lightweight laser module and sweep the laser line over the object. The flexible illumination dirction prevents laser shadow problems and allows you to scan surface parts that remain inaccessible by other scanners. You can scan the objects from all sides, even from the top and the bottom.


  • Product Type:

    3D laser scanner

  • Range Of Accuracy:

    the scan accuracy is around 0.1% of the object size.

  • Hardware Requirements:

    Since DAVID is a pure software solution that does not rely on specific hardware

  • File Format Options:

    OBJ, PLY, or STL files

  • Special Notes:

    Compatible to most cameras with DirectShow / Microsoft Windows drivers (WDM)
    Integrated 3d viewer


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