The DAVID SLS-2 is our no. 1 recommendation!
It is fast, flexible and mobile, and creates most accurate and detailed 3D scans.

This package contains an industrial camera with HQ lens, a video projector with special optics, precise calibration panels, a tripod for flexible setup... and of course the DAVID Pro Edition software.


  • Product Type:


  • Range Of Accuracy:

    Scan Size: 60-500 mm
    Resolution / accuracy : up to 0.1 % of the object size (up to 0.06 mm )

  • OS Requirements:

    Standard PC ( Windows XP , Vista , 7, or 8 to 32 or 64 bit)

  • Hardware Requirements:

    Two free USB ports

    Recommended: 2 GHz dual core CPU , 4 GB RAM , NVidia or AMD 3D graphics card

  • File Format Options:


  • Special Notes:

    Improvements to DAVID - SLS - 1 :
    NEW : DAVID camera with firmware
    ( matched to SL scanning)
    NEW : Slider rail for simple and rapid means of projector and camera
    (allows precise adjustment in mm and degrees)
    NEW : HD projector with higher performance and greater focus range
    NEW : Robust calibration surfaces of glass

  • Weight:

    10 kg


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