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by Geomagic
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Geomagic Capture is a family of powerful, integrated scanner and software systems for professional Scan-Based Design and quality inspection. It is available in six application-specific configurations, combining the best of Geomagic software with a compact, ultra-precise blue light LED scanner.

Geomagic Capture enables designers and engineers to incorporate real-world objects into CAD as a seamless part of their engineering workflow. Geomagic Capture for quality inspection delivers precision scanning integrated with Geomagic’s high-quality inspection tools in a seamless, push-button manner. With unprecedented performance and affordability, Geomagic Capture ushers in a new era of design-to-manufacturing productivity and utility.


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  • Range Of Accuracy:

    Scan Speed: 0.3 seconds per scan

    Field of View (diagonal) / Near End - Far End : 172 - 260 mm

    Field of View (X-Y) /Near End - Far End : 124 x 120 mm - 192 x 175 mm

    Clearance Distance: 300 mm

    Depth of Field: 180 mm

    Average Points: 985,000 per scan
    Average Polygons: 1.97 million per scan
    Point to Point Distance: 0.162 mm (At center of measurement volume)

    Accuracy/Near End - Far End: 60 microns - 118 microns

    Calibration: Pre-calibrated


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