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Our 3.0mm ABS filament is made from pure virgin ABS with a range of beautiful semi-glossy Colors. We're convinced you'll find something you like.

Our ABS works best at around 220º C to 260º degree C extrusion temperature. To get proper contact with the support platform it is recommended to use a heated bed at around 100º degree celcius. A raft to build a support structure is in some cases useful to keep large flat objects down on the platform but most objects print fine without. Shrinkage of the matrial is minimal but slightly bigger than PLA. Surface finish is a bit better than PLA and additionaly the material can be post treated easily with solvents to achieve a smooth high-gloss finish.


ABS produces toxic fumes when melted. Please use caution when using indoors and limit exposure, make sure you have proper ventilation, an enclosed printer or maybe even exhaust vents. This is also valid for most solvents used for surface treatment.

A recent study by the Illinois Institute of Technology has show that the printing process also produces ultrafine particle which could be harmful. Again, pls make sure you have proper ventilation and limit exposure.


  • Weight:

    Package contains a 1kg (2.2lbs) spool, vacuum sealed with desiccant.

  • Color:

    Wide array of colors available. Please follow purchase link for details.


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